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I'm Anya Petrova

Independent Consultant

Brand / Design / Web / UX

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"Bay Area quality" landing pages

I design and create high quality landing pages that are in line with design trends native to the Bay Area.

After 15 years of professional experience in every aspect of visual, brand, and product design within the startup industry, I have acquired a deep understanding of what a great presentation for a digital brand should look and feel like. I always stay up-to-date with all modern design trends, tools, and techniques of visual design, especially as they are applied here in the Bay Area. Currently, I am offering my services as a design consultant with focuses on brand design, art direction, and the creation of rock-star landing pages for companies in the Bay Area.

Please feel free to explore some works I have created for my clients here.

And more...

While I am currently focusing my consulting on landing page creation, I am also available for a broader spectrum of services in areas I have expertise in: Product Design, Brand Design & Strategy, Art Direction, UI & UX (research & prototyping), Visual Design.

Additionally, I can create (myself or through subcontracting) any other design collateral you might require, such as marketing collateral, illustrations, keynote presentations, print materials, etc.

Here is how I can help you save money while delivering the highest quality results.

Throughout my career I have amassed a large network of professional designers around the world. After having launched a startup myself (Cherrybox), for which 6K designers worldwide have signed up, my network has literally exploded. I now have direct access to professionals whose quality and integrity I can fully trust, yet who, due to their geographical location, charge 1/10 of the average Bay Area rate. This means that I can almost instantly identify and attract a designer(s) to your project who would be (1) a stylistic match (very important!), (2) high quality, and (3) inexpensive. I will manage and art direct these subcontractors myself. This will save you money, reduce complexity for you, and save me time.

This is how you will be able to enjoy agency level quality of results at a “bootstrapping startup” price level! :)

Hire me as a contracting Art Director

I know what great design is, and I know how to hire, mentor, and manage a team of designers for you. As your startup matures and scales, I will make sure that you end up with a delightful and effective design department.

Professional Skills

Creative Direction & Brand Developement 95%
Project Management 80%
UI & User Experience 80%
Marketing & Lean Metrics 69%
Adobe CC Suite 75%

Portfolio / Sites

The Team Room

Promo page for Consumer Tech Product


Promo page for Consumer Tech Product

408 Ventures

Early Stage Venture Investments

Infinity Gap

Consulting Agency


Promo page for Designers

Analogix Semiconductor

Semiconductor company, Santa Clara.

Perfect Collective

Private Networking Club, Bay Area

Artlect ONE

Independent Media Project


Video technology website (by Analogix, Inc)

Portfolio / Visual Design

I also have an extensive collection of Visual Design works on a separate website

See My Visual Design Portfolio

Work Experience

March 2015 - Nov 2016

Founder (Product Design / Head of Design / Product Management / UX&UI )


Built a startup as a solo-founder. Defined all aspects of branding and design throughout an entire project.

The experience of building a startup as a solo-founder has accelerated my growth in all aspects of leadership, product management, and team development.

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Nov 2014 - May 2016

Consultant (Visual Design, UX/UI, Web Design)

Analogix SemiConductor Inc. ​ Santa Clara, CA

Designed various media: Posters, Banners, Print & Web, packaging design.
Designed conference booth graphics for CES2015, Barcelona MWC 2015, CES2016 & Barcelona MWC 2016.
Reasearched, Wireframed, Designed, Coded, Tested, Optimized a product landing page:
Administer and update two corporate websites: &

October 2015

Keynote Designer (contractor)


Made a Keynote presentation for Justin Rosenstein’s (ASANA) Presentation at Web Summit 2014 in Dublin:

January 2015

UI Designer (contractor)

Apollo Education Group

Made UI design for “Innovator’s Accelerator” Product:

August 2014

Java course instructor & Web­Development course Instructor.

Education Unlimited, Stanford Campus, CA

Taught Java and Web development courses to high school students during summer camp program.

Sep 2013 - Mar 2014

Sr. Visual Designer

IGIGI, Inc San Francisco, CA

Designed graphics for the web, catalogs and media campaigns. Retouched fashion photography. Designed and coded front web­page and UI elements for websites. Designed and executed Newsletter campaigns.

May 2012 - Sep 2012

Web Developer/Designer

AktionLabs, Inc. Boulder, CO​

Worked on a back­end Drupal development. Designed templates for website products.

Sep 2005 - May 2007

Project Manager / Art Director

Majestic Designs Studio, NYC

Managed production of websites from the beginning to end. Communicated with clients and coordinated work among developers and designers.

Jan 2003- May 2004

UX & UI Designer

Jera Systems, Inc. Moscow, Russia

Produced Graphic Designs for Software Products and Websites. Developed and maintained DataBases and back end. Designed Interfaces for software. Designed Logo/Brands. Consulted on Usability / UI.

Apr 2001 - Dec 2002

Web, UX, UI Designer

Artus Inc. Moscow, Russia

Designed Graphics for Websites. Created Interface Designs, UI elements, Logo/Brand

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